Money Leaves Clues: 27 Secrets to Financial Freedom

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Tony Robbins walks readers of every income level through the steps to become financially free by creating a lifetime income plan. This book delivers invaluable information and essential practices for getting your financial house in order. Simon Drew is an Stoic musician, writer, lifestyle coach, personal trainer, podcast host, and student of life. He believes that the key to a life well lived is to never stop learning, growing, and sharing, and he is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to experience that kind of life.

Need some Stoic inspiration? Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins Tony Robbins has coached and inspired more than 50 million people from over countries. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more. Serve more. Knowledge is not mastery. Money Leaves Clues delivers 27 secrets of wealth that the rich and powerful use to build their financial empires. Instead of quick fixes or ineffective theories, Rhodes provides a clear roadmap to your own money management and personal wealth creation based on his own no-nonsense success and the financial health enjoyed by the wealthy. Rhodes exposes the The 1 Best-Seller!

Rhodes exposes the simple truth of money with examples that anyone can understand and he builds a clear picture of the real American dream. Highly unconventional but candid and precise, this book is required reading for anyone who has any money problems and finally wants to seize the freedom and personal power enjoyed by the rich. Get A Copy.

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Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

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If you thought you were going to hear from another investment guru making crazy promises, you came to the wrong place. I believe in intelligence. You have to see things as they really are but not worse than they are—that view of life only gives you the excuse to do nothing. I have proven their effectiveness by producing measurable results where others have failed.

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There are very few people who maximize their business opportunities. And there are even fewer who start with little or nothing and become financially free. But a few do! A few do have great relationships, great joy, great wealth, and endless gratitude. I have studied the few who do versus the many who talk. I am a hunter of human excellence. I find out what works, and then I clarify it, simplify it, and systematize it in a way to help people move forward. To find answers, I interviewed 50 of the most brilliant, influential players in the world of money.

True Financial Freedom – Busting Loose From the Money Game

Together we will uncover the core secrets to their investment success and see how to apply them even to the smallest amount of money. And here is the key: I wrote this book based on timeless wisdom of the most successful investors in the world. Will there be inflation or deflation? A bull market or a bear? The idea is to know how to survive and thrive in any market condition. These real experts will explain how. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. One of the first people I gave this manuscript to to review is a brilliant friend named Angela who has accomplished mastery in many areas of her life—but never in the area of money.

But she knew she neglected her finances, and it embarrassed her. Once she started thinking about saving, she was able to set up an automatic investment account, and by chapter 2. So I want you to know that this book is not just about how to have a comfortable retirement, but also about how to have the quality of life you desire and deserve today. You can live life on your own terms while you simultaneously lock in your future quality of life as well!

The feeling of empowerment and inner strength and certainty that you experience when you master this area of your life will spill into everything else: your career, your health, your emotions, and your relationships! When you lack confidence about money, it unconsciously affects your confidence in other areas too. But when you take charge of your finances, it empowers you and excites you to take on other challenges! What holds us back from getting started on the road to financial freedom? They also have their own special language that can at times keep them insulated from the rest of us.

It sounds important, but what does it even mean? Is it a rare tropical disease? A genetic mutation? No, iatrogenic actually refers to an inadvertent death caused by a doctor, or a hospital, or an incorrect or unnecessary medical procedure. The financial world has its own jargon too, with special words for things that are really additional fees disguised in language that would make it impossible for you to realize it is taking much more of your money than you would ever imagine. Today there is so much information that even the most sophisticated investors can feel overloaded.

Exemplar Editorial

What do you see? How does that help you? My plan is to serve you by becoming your personal financial search engine—a smart search engine, one that will filter through all the superfluous, even harmful financial information out there to deliver simple, clear solutions. Crazy, right? This vehicle is finally available to individual investors like you. Why should the privileged few be the only ones to tap into extraordinary opportunities? Before we go on, let me tell you what moved me to write this book. My passion is helping people create real breakthroughs in their relationships, their emotions, their health, their careers, and their finances. And billionaire business leaders as well, such as the casino magnate Steve Wynn and the internet wizard Marc Benioff. In fact, Marc quit his job at Oracle and began building Salesforce. They have plenty of that already.

What they get from me are strategies that help them hit the next level and keep them at the top of their game. Paul predicted the October Black Monday crash—still the largest single-day US stock market decline by percentage ever. My job working with Paul is to capture the principles that guide all his decisions.

WS Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing with Rodney Miller

Then I put them into a system that he uses daily and, most importantly, at critical times. From the growth in real estate and the collapse of the subprime market to the financial meltdown of In spite of the diversity of these financial challenges, in 28 full consecutive years, Paul has never had a single losing year. He is truly unmatched in his ability to find the way to victory.

What I love and respect about Paul is that he not only creates financial results for himself but also is one of the most extraordinary philanthropists in the world. The meltdown of —09 was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Do you remember how it felt when it looked like our financial world was coming to an end? Millions of people lost the gains from a lifetime of hard work, and millions more lost their jobs.

During those terrible months, I received more phone calls from a greater variety of people needing help than ever before. I heard from barbers and billionaires. It just killed me because I know what that feels like. I can vividly remember, as a kid, not picking up the phone or answering the door because I knew who was there—it was the bill collector, and we had no money to pay him.

Does God Want You To Be Rich? The Wealth and Christianity Debate

As a teenager, I was embarrassed to have to wear school clothes we bought for 25 cents at the thrift shop. And when I finally got my first car, a beat-up Volkswagen bug, the car had no reverse, so I parked on a hill, and there was never enough money for gas. I found a way to overcome my circumstances.

It makes me crazy. And brought more needless economic suffering than I had seen in my lifetime. In the immediate aftermath of the stock market crash, everybody agreed that something had to be done to fix the system. I kept waiting for those promised changes to happen, but years later it was still business as usual. And the more I learned about the roots of the financial crisis, the angrier I got.